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We are here to help you send money to Colombia

We are here to help you send money to Colombia

We are here to help you send money to Colombia

Guaranteed delivery date and time

Your money arrives exactly as promised or we'll refund your fees.

You are safe and secure

Your personal information is always kept confidential and your funds are protected.

Cash pick up, bank deposit 
anywhere in Colombia

More than 3,300 locations to choose from.

Always $0 fees for your loved ones.

Grupo Éxito
Banco Davivienda
Super Inter
Financiera Pagos Internacionales / Super Giros
BBVA Colombia

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TrustScore 4.3 | 33,072 de recenzii

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Get 3771.53 COP per dollar on your first transaction. This rate won’t last. Send today!

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Promotional FX rate applies to first $500.00 of the transfer. New customers only. One per customer. Rates subject to change. See Terms & Conditions for details.

Tot ce trebuie sa ?ti?i despre trimiterea banilor prin Remitly

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showCum func?ioneaza Remitly?
Remitly este un serviciu digital de transfer cu misiunea de a face transferurile de bani mai rapide, mai accesibile ?i mai transparente. Fiind un serviciu digital fara sedii fizice, putem sa men?inem costurile la un nivel redus. De aceste economii beneficia?i dvs.
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Dupa ce a?i creat un cont, consulta?i ghidul nostru pas cu pas pentru trimiterea primului dvs. transfer.
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Save on fees
$0 when sending $500 or more from your bank account, for cash pickup or bank deposit
Great Pesos columbieni exchange rates
  • Remitly everyday rate: $3701.53

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On time
Every transfer carries a delivery promise. We deliver on time or your money back.

Compare our fees

Pay with bank accountPay with debit card
Sent in 3-5 business days
Sent in minutes
Western Union
RemitlyWestern UnionXoom
Sent in 3-5 business days
Pay with bank account
Pay with bank account
Sent in minutes
Pay with debit card
Pay with debit card

When sending $500 or more for cash pickup. This information is based on fees shown on competitor websites as of 4/6/2021.

How to send money with Remitly

Safe and secure
Your safety and security are our absolute priorities. We are a Money Services Business registered with the US Department of Treasury and authorized to do business in all 50 states. We also partner with the largest banks in Columbia and the USA.
100% satisfaction
We guarantee total satisfaction or your money back.

Real customer reviews

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In my opinion, fast, secure, easy, comfortable, and cheapest then the other ones. I really recommend.

- Enrique R.

Super easy to use. They will let you know when it’s ready to pickup and once your family get the money.

- Juan T.

The telephone center staff answers the phone & addresses the customers needs & questions right away. Most importantly they follow up or track the money & notifies me & the beneficiary to pick it up.

- Maria S.