We are here to help you send money to Mexico

We are here to help you send money to Mexico

We are here to help you send money to Mexico

Guaranteed delivery date and time

Your money arrives exactly as promised or we'll refund your fees.

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Get a special limited time offer of 19.99 멕시코 페소 per 미국 달러 and no fees on your first transfer!

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Promotional FX rate applies to first $1000.00 sent. Non-promotional rate applies to the remainder of transfer. New customers only. One per customer. Limited time offer. Rates subject to change. See Terms and Conditions for details.

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Nearby stores and banks for your loved ones to pick up

Send to 74 banks and over 40,000 cash pickup locations in 멕시코.
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Save on fees
$0 when sending $500 or more
$3.99 when sending less than $500
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  • Remitly everyday rate: $19.36

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Every transfer carries a delivery promise. We deliver on time or your money back.

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In addition to excellent exchange rates, we offer you $0 fees when sending $500 or more.

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Money is available instantly

When sending $500 for cash pickup. This information is based on rates shown on competitor websites as of 05/05/2022.

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Your email address

Receiver name and address

Debit card, credit card, or bank account

We may ask for additional documentation depending on the amount sent or if we are unable to verify your identity.

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Remitly의 특장점
별 5개

I had such a great experience sending money to Mexico with Remitly. Money arrived fast. Will be doing it again

- Susana M.
별 5개

It's a fast and efficient service that's easy to use. It's uncomplicated so anyone can use it.

- Juan R.
별 5개

Great service and it’s an easy and affordable way to send money to your loved ones!!

- Irene H.

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