We're passionate about what we do – impacting lives across continents

Vision & Mission

Remitly's vision is to transform the lives of immigrants and their families by providing the most trusted financial services on the planet. Focus has always been a key part of our strategy and our initial laser focus is on transforming the global remittance industry. Over time, we will leverage our trusted financial services brand and our global network to extend into other financial services.
We, Team Remitly, are united through our mission - to tirelessly deliver on our promise to immigrants sending money across the world.
We accomplish our vision and mission by relentlessly focusing on culture. We’ve created Remitly’s Cultural Values, which embody how an exemplary Remitly team member and the overall Remitly team works to deliver on promises to customers everyday. That starts with putting customers at the center of everything we do.

Cultural Values

Customer centricity
We are here to listen to, learn from and serve our customers. Period.
Deliver on promises
We help our customers deliver on their promises by keeping our promises. We are accountable for our commitments, no matter how small.
Hire & develop exceptional people
We hire unique and diverse talent who embrace challenges and grow on the job. We coach and invest to help every employee succeed.
Act with integrity
We have zero tolerance for unethical people, products, practices or partners.
Sweat the details
We roll up our sleeves and stay connected to the details. We don’t settle for “good enough”.
Data driven
We attempt to measure everything, then use qualitative and quantitative insights to make better decisions.
Bias for action
We urgently prioritize and act. A good decision now is better than a great decision later. When necessary, we disagree and commit.
Be an owner
We think, act and take responsibility beyond our immediate team and role, to benefit our customers, colleagues and the broader business.
Aim for the stars
We dream big, think long term, and create amazing customer experiences.
Continuously improve
We are humble, curious and self-driven learners. We work hard to find the “best” way to do something, then keep trying to find an even better way.
Don’t be afraid to fail
We are purpose-driven and don't let fear impact our decisions or actions. When experiments fail or we make mistakes, we learn fast, openly share our learnings, and jump right back in.
Lead authentically
Everyone is a leader. We are open, self-aware, and enthusiastically share knowledge and context to help others succeed.
Be an empathetic partner
We value positive, long-lasting relationships. We listen and seek to understand, assume positive intent, treat everyone with respect, and advocate as allies for each other.
Constructively direct
We are clear about our own intent, then give and welcome feedback that's direct, compassionate, timely and transparent.
We celebrate how lucky we are to serve our customers and mission, to solve fascinating problems, and to work and have fun with talented colleagues.