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What payment methods can I use to send money?

You can safely and securely use your:

  • U.S. bank account
  • U.S. debit card
  • U.S. credit card

  • Here's how to send money with your bank account

    1. Choose ECONOMY for the most cost-effective way to send money
    2. Select account type: Checking account or Saving account
    3. Provide your bank routing number
    4. Provide your bank account number
    5. We will complete your transfer immediately after we confirm delivery of funds from your bank.

    Please Note:

  • You may notice a pending charge on your bank account on the first banking day.
  • Your bank will date the transaction the banking day after you send it to us and we will deliver funds to your recipient 2 days later.
  • Transactions submitted after 5pm Pacific time will begin to process the next banking business day.

  • Here’s how to send money with your debit or credit card:

    1. Choose EXPRESS for the fastest way to send money
    2. Select debit card or credit card
    3. Enter your card information: Name on card, Card number, Expiration date, Security code (the 3-digit number on the back of the card)

    Things to Note:

    • Debit and credit card transactions are faster than bank account transfers because we can authorize your card immediately.
    • You may notice a 0.01 cent charge on your account after you add your card. Don't worry, the 0.01 authorization is immediately refunded. It simply allows us to ensure your card is active.
    • Sometimes cards that appear to be a debit card are actually a credit card. For example, the card may be pin-capable and allow you to draw upon and spend a cash balance, however the banks still classify it as a credit card.

    • If you still have questions about the type of card you have or the charges associated with it, please contact your bank.

    Call us anytime toll free 1-888-Remitly (1-888-736-4859) with additional questions.

    Here’s why we charge more money for credit cards:

    • Credit card companies charge us a much higher fee compared to other payment methods when you choose to send money using a credit card.
    • To keep our prices as low as possible when you use your bank account or a debit card, we add a 3% charge for credit card transactions.
    • The additional credit card charge is 3% of your net send amount. This fee is in addition to the fee for EXPRESS transfers.
    • Some credit card companies may charge you a cash advance fee.
    • To avoid extra fees, always use your debit card for EXPRESS transfers or use your bank account for ECONOMY transfers.