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Tỉ giá ấn định
62.29 XAF

Phí chuyển tiền tại Thuỵ Điển đến Gabon

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Gửi tiền đến Gabon

Phí chuyển tiền để nhận bằng XAF

Gửi số tiền (SEK)

Phí chuyển tiền tốc hành

kr0 hoặc lựa chọn kháckr29.00

What else do you need to know?

showHow will my recipient know I am sending them money?

We’ll send your recipient a text message when their money has been deposited or is ready for pick up, making it easy for them to know when funds are available and what to do next

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showHow is my payment and personal information protected?

We work hard to ensure your peace of mind. In line with this, we have created a robust system that keeps you protected around the clock. Our bank-level security uses 256-bit encryption so all the information you provide us remains private and secure.

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showWhat payment methods can I use to send money?

You can safely and securely transfer funds using your:
Bank account
Debit card
Credit card

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