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Why is my transaction being reviewed by your partner?

Just like us, our partners have a responsibility to review and confirm that every transfer adheres to international regulations. Sometimes you may receive a notification or email from us letting you know that our partner is reviewing your transaction. Don’t worry. This is very common. We send you a notification to keep you informed on the status of your transfer.

What do you need to do?

When you receive a partner review notification, we recommend that you regularly check your email for updates. If our partner requests additional information, our Customer Care team will send you an email explaining what we need and how to send it to us securely through the Remitly app or Understanding the types of information we may ask for will help you be prepared and complete any potential requests successfully.

How long will the partner review process take?

The review timeline varies based on the partner and the circumstances of your transaction. Keep in mind that some reviews, especially those that require additional information from you or your recipient, may take more time. We work closely with our partners to ensure the process is completed as quickly possible.