By using our service, you consent to us providing the service in the English language.

By using our service, you consent to us providing the service in the English language.

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Euro to Nepalese Rupee

Remitly offers dependable exchange rates for EUR to NPR with no hidden fees.
Join today and get a promotional rate of 137.60 NPR to 1 EUR on your first money transfer.

New customers only. One per customer. Limited time offer. Any rates shown are subject to change. See Terms and Conditions for details.

Why choose Remitly?

Guaranteed Delivery

Rest easy knowing your transfers will be delivered on time, or we’ll refund your fees.

Secure Transactions

Send money home with security designed to keep your transfers protected.

Global Network

Choose what works for you from a growing network of banks and cash pickup locations.

Trusted Worldwide

Join millions from across the globe who trust Remitly to send money home.

Don’t use Remitly for any illegal or harmful purposes

We’re required by law to make sure that you don’t use our services for illegal, harmful, or other inappropriate purposes.
You must not use the Remitly service to buy, fund, sell, or access:
  • Sexually oriented materials or services.
  • Gambling activities.
  • Tobacco, or tobacco-related products.
  • Firearms.
  • Prescription drugs, or other controlled substances.
If you do use Remitly for any of the purposes listed above, we can stop your money transaction and/or suspend your account.
More about what kinds of money transfers aren’t allowed.
How to get help if your account is suspended.

Send money to Nepal

Fees for when your recipient receives in Nepalese Rupees

Send Amount (EUR)

Express Fee

€0 or more€4.99

How to send money with Remitly in 5 easy steps

  • 1
    Create an account using your email address through our website or our app on the <strong>App Store</strong> or <strong>Google Play</strong>.
  • 2
    Select the currency, the amount you want to send, and the delivery speed.
  • 3
    Choose how your money is delivered.
  • 4
    Enter the name and information of the person who will receive the money.
  • 5
    Enter your payment information and select confirm transfer to send.

Send money worldwide

Remitly gives you options when sending money to Nepal. Depending on your recipient’s location, choose from trusted banks, cash pickup locations, mobile wallets or home delivery for reliable transfers.

Remitly FAQ

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Reliable EUR to NPR money transfers

Send and receive money with speed you can rely on.