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Everything you need to know about sending money to Güney Afrika

showHow will COVID-19 impact my transfer?
Due to COVID-19 safety precautions, we are operating with limited staff and wait times are longer than usual. We remain committed to serving you. If your issue is not urgent, we encourage you to search for answers on our Help Center.
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showWhat you should know about sending funds from the UK to South Africa
Working in a new country is enough of a change without having to worry about paying too much when sending your hard-earned money back home to your loved ones. That’s why at Remitly we pride ourselves on providing millions of people around the world with a swift, easy, cost-effective money transfer service, with great exchange rates. 
So, if you’re ready to transfer money to someone close to you in South Africa, then sign up for a free profile with Remitly. Tell us how much you’d like to send, and check out the current exchange rate we offer and applicable transfer fees, along with the amount your friend or relative will receive in South African rand. 
If you’re happy to continue, then just add your payment information, along with some basic details for your recipient, and you’ll be able to go ahead with the money transfer. We work alongside major banks in South Africa, such as Standard Bank and FNB, so the whole process will be smooth and secure. You can also choose to get SMS or WhatsApp updates so you’ll know when the money has been successfully sent.
For more on how Remitly works, have a read here
showIs it safe to transfer money online to South Africa from the UK?
When it comes to international money transfers, security is key. With Remitly, you’ll access your account through a secure server connection with 256-bit encryption – that’s the industry standard for safety online. We also have full KYC (Know Your Customer) compliance as part of our operating procedure, and our customers’ debit and credit card details are safeguarded by Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode. 
We work alongside major banks in the UK and South Africa, and – being a transfer service used by millions of people – we are registered by the HMRC as a money service business, as well being regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. For further peace of mind, you can contact our customer service team whenever you like – our people are on call right around the clock, and able to answer any questions or address any concerns by email, phone, or web chat. 
Want to learn more about Internet security at Remitly?
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showHow much does sending money to South Africa from the UK cost?
Your first transfer via Remitly comes with a few welcome perks. First, you won’t be charged a transfer fee by us. Second, you’ll get to enjoy a boosted foreign exchange rate. After this initial transaction, we’ll provide you with great exchange rates for ensuing money transfers, while our fees range from € for each Economy service transaction, and from €5.99 for each fast Express service transaction. By the way, no transfer fees will ever be charged by Remitly to your recipient.
showHow soon will money be ready to collect in South Africa?
It just takes a few taps or clicks on your computer or mobile device to make the money transfer from the UK to South Africa happen. As for the speed of the transfer itself – that’s completely your call. If your recipient requires the funds quickly, you can select the Express option. Otherwise, the Economy service is a good choice, with the transfer completing in around two hours. Our delivery promise guarantees you’ll get your transfer fees refunded upon request if the transaction is delayed for any reason, and our email, text, and WhatsApp updates will keep you informed throughout.
Click here to see the list of our bank partners in South Africa
showHow can recipients receive the money transfer in South Africa?
For many users, a bank deposit is the most convenient way to send money to loved ones back home. That way, the funds will simply appear in their account, with no actions required on their part. But what if your recipient doesn’t happen to have a bank account, or requires money in cash form straight away? You can simply opt for a cash pickup, meaning they can turn up at a designated pickup location with their ID and reference number, and collect the money that way. However you choose to have the money received, the transfer will be speedy and your recipient won’t have to pay anything in transfer fees to Remitly.
Click here to see the list of our bank partners in South Africa