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Réservé aux nouveaux clients. Nécessite le premier transfert de 100 £ ou plus. L’offre expire le 31 décembre 2019. Limite d’une par client. Voir les conditions générales pour plus de détails.

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Vous pouvez savoir à tout moment où se trouve votre argent, ainsi qu'annuler ou modifier un virement sans frais supplémentaires tant qu'il n'est pas terminé.
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Après votre premier transfert gratuit, envoyez des Takas bangladeshis pour seulement 0.99 £. Renseignez-vous sur nos taux et frais ici.
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Un engagement de livraison est associé à chaque virement. Si nous ne livrons pas dans les temps, nous vous remboursons.

Everything you need to know about sending money to le Bangladesh

showHow will COVID-19 impact my transfer?

Due to COVID-19 safety precautions, we are operating with limited staff and wait times are longer than usual. We remain committed to serving you. If your issue is not urgent, we encourage you to search for answers on our Help Center.

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showWhat you need to know about sending money to Bangladesh online

Millions of people around the world use Remitly to transfer funds to friends and family members back in their native countries. We know the importance of being able to send money to loved ones, quickly and cost-effectively, when you’re living and working abroad. That’s why we’re proud to be able to offer great exchange rates and low transfer fees. 
To send money from the UK to Bangladesh, just create a free profile with Remitly, then let us know the amount you’d like to send and how soon you’d like it to get there. We’ll show you the exchange rate as we offer it right now, along with any relevant fees and the amount your money will become in Bangladeshi taka. 
After that, we’ll just need some basic information on your desired recipient along with your own payment details. You can then send money via bank transfer, or through your credit or debit card. We work with major banks including Sonali Bank and Janata Bank, making the whole process seamless. You can also opt to have your recipient receive SMS or WhatsApp updates on the transfer process, so there’s always total peace of mind.

For more on how Remitly works, have a read here
showIs it safe to transfer funds from the UK to Bangladesh?

Security is paramount whenever international money transfers are taking place. Accessing your account on Remitly happens through a secure, 256-bit encrypted server connection, and full KYC (Know Your Customer) compliance is integral to how we work. As for your credit or debit card details, their security is maintained by Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode. 
We partner with major banks in both the UK and Bangladesh, which ensures convenience and peace of mind for our customers. We’re also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and are registered by the HMRC as a money service business. Need to speak to us for any reason? We’re here, right around the clock, with our customer support team able to chat by email or phone, 24/7. 
Like to learn a bit more about our security processes?

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showWhat will it cost to send money from the UK to Bangladesh?

If it’s your first time sending money through Remitly, you’ll get a couple of added perks: a boosted foreign exchange rate and absolutely no transfer fees on your first transfer. After this, every transfer comes with great exchange rates and your choice of delivery options, with fees from £0.99 per transaction when using our Economy service and from £1.99 when using our Express service. Furthermore, your friend or relative receiving the money will never be charged a fee by Remitly, and our transfers come with a delivery time guarantee, meaning you can ask for and we will provide a fee refund if the money doesn’t get to your recipient by the promised date and time.

showHow soon will the money be sent to Bangladesh?

The Remitly transfer process can be completed through a few clicks or taps on your computer or mobile device. How quickly the money gets to your recipient is entirely your call. If you need to get funds to someone fast, then pick our Express service, which will transfer money typically in a matter of minutes. If there’s no particular rush, you can go for our Economy service, which takes around two hours. Want to be kept in the loop on the transfer? You can have us send you and your recipient emails, texts and WhatsApp updates, so everyone knows the status of the transaction.

Click here to see the list of our bank partners in Bangladesh
showHow can my recipient receive money in Bangladesh?

We work alongside many of the biggest banks in Bangladesh, meaning you can choose to send money directly to your recipient’s bank account, if that’s the most convenient way for them to receive your transfer. We do offer a few other options, though. Our cash pickup service means your recipient can collect the money in person at a designated pickup location – they just have to show the relevant reference number and some ID. This is great if they’d like to have instant access to the money in cash form. 
Alternatively, there’s a mobile money option, which works like a bank transfer, except that the money is sent to your recipient’s electronic wallet linked to their mobile phone number. This is ideal if your recipient doesn’t have a bank account. Whatever method you choose, your recipient will never be charged a fee by Remitly, and you can be sure of a swift and easy transfer.

Click here to see the list of our bank partners in Bangladesh

3 étapes pour envoyer de l'argent vers Bangladesh

Saisissez votre montant

Saisissez le montant de votre transaction et la vitesse de livraison afin de commencer.

Créez un destinataire

Ajoutez le nom et les informations relatives au destinataire.

Terminez votre transfert

Confirmez vos informations de paiement, puis cliquez sur Envoyer. Nous vous informons de toute mise à jour du statut.

Transferez à l'un de nos partenaires en le Bangladesh

Envoyez de l'argent directement à vos destinataires avec Sonali Bank Limited, Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited, Prime Bank Limited et bien d'autres! Consultez notre liste complète de partenaires ici.

Sonali Bank
Islami Bank Bangladesh
Prime Bank
Janata Bank
Dutch-Bangla Bank
Standard Chartered Bank
AB Bank
Agrani Bank

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Sûreté et sécurité

Nous sommes autorisés et réglementés par la Financial Conduct Authority en vertu du règlement « Payment Services Regulations » de 2017 relatif à la prestation de services de paiement. Nous sommes également enregistrés auprès du HMRC en tant qu'entreprise de services monétaires. Nous avons aussi établi un partenariat avec les plus grandes banques de le Bangladesh et de le Royaume-Uni.

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