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It's fast, secure, and most importantly FREE if you're not in a rush to send the money. I've consulted with both my bank here in the US and none of them offer what Remitly offers. This app is awesome!

– Ray Sindac

Never experienced such an extraordinary service from any other money transferers. What a fabulous service that Remitly provides. Getting frequent updates from Remitly till the time the money gets transferred to the respective accounts. Kudos to Remitly. Keep up the good work. Highly recommend Remitly to everyone.

– Ravi Kaliyaperumal

Best service and best price for Mexico. All the other money services cost more. Remitly gives the highest return and has the best price for the transaction.

– David Woods

Remitly is excellent! It's easy and they get the money immediately in Surigao. I tried Xoom when I first came here, then Transfast. But it's Remitly I use every time now. I always tell my friends about it!

– Melliane James

Remitly is the best remittance service I've tried. There's Transfast and Xoom, but Remitly is better. It's really fast– they receive the money in seconds or minutes. I'm very happy!

– Jessica Ollet

I've been with Remitly a few months now, whatever problem I encountered they were there for me. Love your caring for the customer! I'm your customer forever!

– Eduardo Campos

Timely and transparent transaction. Did not have any issues. The money was debited from my US account on time and credited to my Indian account as per time promised.

– Puneet Bhandari

A no brainer for folks who constantly send money back home. At first, it was so easy, it didnt seem real.... I can use Facebook contacts in the Philippines, click on their picture, and send them's that easy. Like day and night, if you compare to WU or Moneygram... I wish I had seen these guys a lot sooner!

– Chris Bowman

Remitly gives me a lot of savings because I send to several relatives and friends back home. Aside from the very low fees, there are many pick-up outlets for non-account holders. It is very convenient for receivers. And the online service? Very easy to use!

– Romeo Castillones

The CEO of Remitly, Mr. Matt Oppenheimer himself reached out to me to welcome me and to assure me that he is very accessible should I be in need of any assistance while using the website. I have emailed him back and have always received prompt replies from him. Remitly comes across as a website that is serious about helping people transfer funds to their home countries to support families, repay loans, etc. Highly recommended!

– Nilay Savla

Wow! With Remitly, it's so easy to send money every month through my phone. My children in the Philippines immediately receive the money. Super convenient.

– Lourdes Arquillano

Its easy to send money plus I like the notifications to the receiver.

– Abegail Gali

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