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Why is my account locked?

If you cannot access your account, it may be that you’ve entered the wrong password too many times and it needs to be reset. To do this, use our password reset tool. You can also select Sign In then Forgot your password? on or Forgot password from the welcome screen in the Remitly app.

If you know that you entered your password correctly, it’s possible we noticed unusual or suspicious behavior on your account and locked it as a precaution. Keeping your account and personal information safe is our top priority - we do this to protect you.

Don’t worry. Usually, this can be cleared up by providing us with some additional information about your relationship to the person you're sending to, or the payment method you're using to send money. Here are some common reasons we might need this information:

  • The payment method being used doesn’t match your account details or is in a business’s name.
  • We need to confirm you’re at least 18 and live in a region we’re licensed to do business in.
  • You may already have another active account with us.
  • There may be indications you could be participating in activities that violate our User Agreement. Examples of these activities include sending money on behalf of others, gambling, purchasing prohibited items or services, or using payment instruments without authorization.
  • We’re concerned that you may not know your recipient(s) personally and therefore you could be vulnerable to undue influence or an internet scam.

How to resolve

Reach out to us at so that we can help clear this up for you. In your email, please provide the following information:

  • Who you’re sending to, with a short explanation of your relationship to them.
  • The reason why you’re sending money.
  • Is the payment method you’re using in your own name? If not, please let us know why.