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Easy, fast, affordable. Get ₱43.00 for every dollar on your first transaction.

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Remitly First Time: 43.00
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Only $699 for EXPRESS transfers in minutes.
Pay $299 for our ECONOMY 3-day transfers.

Always Low Fees

Remitly has a flat fee of just $6.99 to transfer in minutes! Compare a CAD $500 transfer with Remitly to the competition and see why hundreds of thousands of Pinoys trust Remitly.

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Remitly $299 Economy $699 Express
Competitor W N/A $15.00
Competitor T $5.93 $11.54

When sending CAD $500 via cash pickup. This information is based on rates shown on competitor websites as of 1/16/2018.

Over 10,000 Locations


Remitly gives you nationwide coverage of the Philippines. Luzon, Visayas, or Mindanao, your recipient can pick up money at: Cebuana Lhuillier, M Lhuillier, BDO, BPI, Metrobank, any SM Mall and any Globe outlet.

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Remitly is so easy to use. If you know how to send email, you can send money with Remitly.


I compare fees and exchange rates, and Remitly really has the best. So I said, why use another service? Wais ako eh!

— Carlota B.

I've been with Remitly a few months now, whatever problem I encountered they were there for me. Love your caring for the customer! I'm your customer forever!

— Eduardo C.

Like day and night, if you compare to WU or Moneygram... I wish I had seen these guys a lot sooner!

— Chris B.

Safe and Secure

Your safety and security are our absolute priority. We are licensed and registered with FINTRAC. We also partner with the largest banks and financial institutions in the Philippines and Canada.

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100% Satisfaction

We guarantee total satisfaction or your money back. Our friendly customer representatives are available for you 24/7 in Filipino or English at (888) 736-4859.

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Get ₱43.00 per dollar!

Remitly is fast, easy and affordable. Send in minutes for $6.99.

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