Locked-in exchange rate India
Economy 55.61 INR
Express 55.26 INR

Amazing Rates.

When it comes to sending money home quickly, our fee of $1.99 is hard to beat. Sending $500 or more? Pay nothing. And it gets even better; if the transfer can wait, you can choose ECONOMY for a boost in your Forex Rate.

Economy Express
55.61 55.26
3-5 business days instant transfers
pay with bank pay with Visa debit card

How much?

When you send less than $500, pay a small fee of only $1.99.

Transfers of $500 or more cost nothing. Yep, that's $0.

Credit card transfers have an additional 1% fee. Here's why.

How fast?

With Remitly Express, transfer time ranges from a few seconds to a few minutes.

With Remitly Economy it will always take 3 business days. If it isn't urgent, send with Economy and get a better rate.