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Refer a friend to Remitly, earn unlimited rewards

Get rewarded for every successful referral. The more you share, the more you earn!
Refer a friend to Remitly, earn unlimited rewards

Referrals must be new Remitly users and must not live at your same address for rewards to apply. Click here for program details.

How to earn a bonus?

You: Hey, I use Remitly to send money and get great rates and low fees! Your friend: That sounds great! How can I use Remitly?You: Let me send you a link and you'll get a great new customer offer.
friends talking

How to earn rewards:

Sign in
Visit the Earn Rewards page after you sign in
Copy & paste your unique referral link and start sharing through email or social media
Get rewarded
Earn rewards automatically when your friends click your link and successfully send money

Frequently asked questions

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showIs there any other information I should know?
earn unlimited rewards

The Remitly Rewards program rewards you and every friend you refer. And the best part? There’s no limit.