Naira Cashback Incentive: Your recipient will receive an additional 5 NGN from the Central Bank of Nigeria for every 1 USD you send. Learn more here.

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首次转账中的 $500.00 可享受促销汇率。新客户专享。每位客户仅限参加一次。汇率可能会有变化。有关详情,请参阅“条款和条件

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How to send US dollars to Nigeria

Bank Deposit
Select bank deposit and money is delivered directly into your recipient's bank account. We're currently offering bank deposit delivery to GT Bank and Polaris Bank in U.S. dollars*.

*If your recipient doesn't have a bank account in USD, they can ask their bank how to set one up.

Cash Pickup
Choose cash pickup and your recipient can collect US Dollars at any branch of GT Bank, Polaris Bank and Fidelity Bank. Keep in mind that there could be a shortage of US Dollars due to increased demand.



GT Bank
Polaris Bank
Nigeria Open Network

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showRemitly 是如何运作的?
Remitly 是一项数字汇款服务,其宗旨是让汇款转账更快捷、更优惠、更透明。由于我们是没有设立任何实体营业点的数字服务,因此我们可以保持低成本,从而节省您的费用。
能!我们为 Remitly 的新客户提供优惠。可能会有资格限制条件。
当您通过 Remitly 转账时,系统会提示您选择寄送方式。可使用的选项根据收款人的所在地而定。
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