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Send money to India with Remitly

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Promotional FX rate applies to first $2,999 sent. New customers only. One per customer. Limited time offer. Rates subject to change. Visit Terms and Conditions for details.

Track progress on the money you send to Guatemala

Track your transfer

Always know where your money is. Status updates for you and your recipient.

Great exchange rates

  • Remitly First Time: 50.09
  • Remitly Everyday: 49.68
    WorldRemit: 49.68

Last updated: less than 1 hour ago

Save on fees

$0 when sending $1,000 or more
$3.99 when sending less than $1,000

Transfer to 140+ banks across India

Remitly gives you nationwide coverage of India. Transfer easily to bank accounts at ICICI, SBI, Citi Bank, Axis Bank and many more! Please click here to access a complete list of our partners.

ICICI bank
State Bank of India SBI
SBH State Bank of Hyderabad
Axis Bank
Andhra Bank
Kotak Mahindra

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Safe and secure

Your safety and security are our absolute priority. We are registered with AUSTRAC. We also partner with the largest banks and financial institutions in India and Australia.

100% satisfaction

We guarantee total satisfaction or your money back. Our friendly customer representatives are available for you 24/7 at (888) 736-4859.

What do our customers around the world say about us?

Reviews from: Trustpilot


It is so fast... I got my money in India immediately... that's amazing!

- Pankaj P.

Like day and night, if you compare to WU or Moneygram... I wish I had seen these guys a lot sooner!

- Chris B.

The website is very user friendly. And getting good updates after the transfer. Good exchange rate.

- Ganesh K.