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A taxa de câmbio promocional aplica-se à primeira €1000.00 da transferência. Somente para clientes novos. Uma por cliente. Preços sujeitos a alterações. Consulte Terms & Conditions para obter detalhes. Marcas comerciais, nomes comerciais e logotipos exibidos são marcas comerciais registradas de seus respectivos proprietários. Nenhuma afiliação ou endosso da Remitly estão implícitos.

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When you select BDO with Remitly, your loved ones can:
  • Receive money instantly into their BDO bank account, any day of the week
  • Pick up cash at 6,800+ locations across the Philippines

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Everything you need to know about sending money via BDO

showWho is BDO?
Founded in 1976 and headquartered in Manila, BDO Unibank (also known as Banco de Oro) is the largest bank in the Philippines. We partner with BDO to make sure your money makes it home quickly and securely.
showHow can my recipient receive money through BDO?
There are two ways your recipient can receive their funds. You can send money directly to a BDO bank account, or if your recipient would prefer to receive cash, they can collect their money at any one of the many BDO cash pick up locations across the Philippines.
show Where can my recipient pick up their cash?
BDO has a network of 6,800+ cash pick up locations across the Philippines. Many of these are open 7 days a week, however opening hours vary, so your recipient should check their local branch’s hours before going to collect.
showHow much does Remitly cost?
We're committed to providing you with great exchange rates and low fees every single day. Send money instantly for only €2.99.
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showHow long does a transfer take?
Transfers to the Philippines via BDO are instant. Send money to your recipients bank account or nearest cash pick up location and funds will be available within minutes.
Why send to BDO with Remitly
Always €0  fees for your recipient
Safe and Secure
On time
Safe and Secure
On time
Always €0  fees for your recipient
Safe and Secure
On time
Always €0  fees for your recipient
Safe and Secure
On time

Pick BDO to send money home

Send money to the Philippines using Remitly and your recipient can receive it directly into their BDO bank account or pick up the cash at their local BDO branch. Never wonder or worry about your money making it home thanks to our real-time transfer updates.