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Cash pickup and debit card deposit in Armenia

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Nice and fast and so convenient! Excellent!!! Highly recommendable!

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I had such a great experience sending money to Mexico with Remitly. Money arrived fast. Will be doing it again.

- Nestor P.

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How to send money to Armenia with Remitly

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Debit card deposit
Cash pickup
Debit card deposit
Cash pickup
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Everything you need to know about sending money to Armenia with Remitly

showHow to send money from United Arab Emirates to Armenia
Living in United Arab Emirates but want to send money back to friends and loved ones in Armenia? Find out why so many customers have already put their trust in Remitly’s quick and secure money transfer service to send money back home from United Arab Emirates to Armenia.
The process of starting an international money transfer from United Arab Emirates to Armenia online begins when you sign up to Remitly – either through our mobile app or our website. Then, just let us know how much you’d like to send and we will then provide you with what our current exchange rate is and how much your friend or relative will receive in Euros.
We will need some basic details for your recipient, such as their name, address, and phone number, and how you would like them to be kept informed of the transfer. After this, you will need to submit your payment information. You can pay for your transfer with a debit card or credit card, or a prepaid card when sending from the U.S, European Union, U.K, Canada, or Australia. There may be other payment methods for sending money to Armenia from United Arab Emirates, subject to availability.
Check out the transfer guide for your country.
showHow much does it cost to send money to Armenia from United Arab Emirates?
More money makes it home thanks to our great exchange rates, no hidden fees, and special offers. You can find out more about how much Remitly costs in United Arab Emirates by reading the page below.
View more info on rates and fees
showDo you have any discounts for new customers?
Yes! We offer promotions for brand new Remitly customers. Eligibility restrictions may apply.
Check out our transfer offers for first-time senders
showHow do I send a transfer?
Once you create an account, check out our handy step-by-step guide to sending your first transfer.
Follow the steps in our Help Center for help with your first transfer
showHow can my friends and relatives receive money in Armenia?
If you’re looking to transfer funds to Armenia, Remitly can offer your recipient several options. The delivery methods available will vary depending on the country you’re sending money to, and the options available for Armenia may change, so we recommend checking with your recipient to find the method that’s most convenient for them just before you make the transfer.
Some of the most common options to receive money include bank deposit, cash pickup and mobile money options. You’ll be able to see what methods are available when sending Euros to Armenia when beginning your transfer on our website, or via our app.
Learn more about Remitly delivery options
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