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How does sending money from my bank account work?

You can send money from your US bank account by choosing our “ECONOMY” service. To take advantage of this service, select "ECONOMY" when selecting your Delivery Speed.

When you enter your payment information you'll need to provide your routing and account numbers just as they appear on your check.

Some things to consider when paying with a bank account:

  • Transfers will take three business days to complete.
  • Your bank will date the transaction the business day after you send it to us and then deliver funds to us two days later.
  • We will complete the transfer to your recipient immediately after confirming delivery of funds from your bank.
  • Transactions submitted after 5:00 PM Pacific Time will be processed the next business day.

Delivery Time Examples*:

Initiated Transferred to your Recipient
Mon before 5pm Thurs at 9am
Tue before 5pm Fri at 9am
Wed before 5pm Mon at 9am
Thurs before 5pm Tue at 9am
Fri before 5pm Wed at 9am
Sat before 5pm Wed at 9am
Sun before 5pm Wed at 9am

*All times above are Pacific Time and do not account for holidays.