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My card says debit. Why are you charging me additional fees?

There are some credit cards that are branded as debit cards because they appear to function similar to debit cards most the time. For example, they may be pin-capable and you are able to draw upon and spend a cash balance.

However, from a processing perspective, they are treated just like credit cards which carry higher processing fees. Business debit cards are treated as credit cards and may incur an additional fee. The issuing bank can confirm whether a debit card is a business debit card. Click here for details about our credit card fees.

This is the most likely reason why if you try to add your debit card you will receive the error stating your card number appears to be a credit card.

If you still have questions about the type of card you have or the charges associated with it, please contact your bank first and then our 24/7 Customer Service if questions remain.